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Investing in real estate – what you need to know 

Real estate investment can be a wonderfully rewarding way to invest your money, and has to rank as one of the most satisfying ways to get your money working for you.  

Like any type of investment though, it is important to do your homework before you dive straight in – after all, it is your money we’re talking about! Especially if you already have experience in owning your own home though, it can be viewed as one of the more stable areas of the investment market.  

Accessible and fulfilling, find out here a little bit more about how you can get your money working for you with a real estate investment. 

When you first begin to consider investing in real estate, it is important to know your market, as in who are you looking to rent this property out too? It could be students, tourists, young professionals – consider their needs and what they’re going to be looking for first. 

You also need to have a clear plan on the area that you’re looking to invest in. From holiday homes to apartments in new builds, location is also important. Check for local transport links, and other amenities such as supermarkets. People like where they’re renting to be convenient, so make sure what you’re investing in is! 

You also need to be aware of the rules and regulations that come with being a landlord. Everything of course must be up to the stated safety standards, you’re going to need a good comprehensive landlord insurance policy, and then there are other things to consider too like protecting your rights and council tax.  

If this all sounds a bit overwhelming, and more time and effort than you’d like to spend on your investment, then there are other, more straightforward ways to invest, including with real estate investment funding 

This type of real estate investment involves a real estate investment manager overseeing a group of investors’ money as it is used to purchase a desirable property or properties. There are lots of advantages to this type of investment, and it can be seen as a ‘safer’ and more convenient way to invest your money in real estate. 

For one thing, your manager will have a wealth of real estate knowledge that you simply can’t compete with, meaning whatever property has been selected, is sure to be worthy. Another thing to consider is the fact that they’ll also have detailed knowledge of the laws in place to protect both landlords and tenants, which is one less thing for you to have to worry about. 

Since this manager is going to be playing such an important role in growing your money, it is important to choose one from a trusted firm with experience in real estate. We suggest taking a look at the details over at https://www.goodwinlaw.com/services/practices/real-estate-private-investment-funds for some more information about real estate investment funds, since not only are they a reputable firm, but they have a wide range of knowledge built up both domestically and internationally in this area. 

It’s time to get your money working just that little bit extra for you, and investing in real estate can be the ideal option.