How to Look for a Job in 2019


How to Look for a Job in 2019

With many U.S. companies looking to hire fresh talent, it really is a job seekers’ market in 2019.  Thanks to the increasing use of artificial intelligence and automation processes, as well as a growing interest from big-name companies to hire a more diverse selection of candidates, the way candidates will find the best job opportunities is shifting.  Here we’ll be taking a closer look at how you should be looking for a job in 2019.

Where to look for the best prospects?

The top three ways that most professionals now find employment are through online job boards, including sites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn and Indeed, networking and recruiters.  It may be surprising to see, but traditional methods of recruitment continue to be the most popular and this is likely to remain the same in the near future.

In 2019, the divide between conversational recruiting bots and basic chatbots will grow.  Anyone currently seeking employment is likely to gravitate towards higher-functioning conversational bots as they are able to respond more knowledgeably and anticipate the needs of each individual client.

Artificial intelligence aside, more freelancers are now working remotely and finding job opportunities online.  There will also be a marked difference between passive and active candidates this year. Passive candidates are likely to see personalised outreach efforts and active candidates will see new recruiters using new channels of engagement.

Diversity and equity

More job seekers are set to prioritise equity and diversity when seeking new job opportunities this year.  People – particularly underrepresented groups and women – are becoming increasingly discerning about the type of company or business they want to work for.  Candidates are likely to favour businesses that can be seen to actively prioritise inclusion and diversity. Things like formal pay equity and leadership/mentorship opportunities will begin to matter more for candidates seeking a new job role.

Opportunities open to existing employers

2019 is set to be the year where more people look for new job opportunities from where they are.  It is expected that more candidates will take an ‘intrapreneurial’ attitude and stretch and shift with current roles to find new and innovative ways to achieve an do more of what they love.

Smart companies that value their current talent will embrace the idea that employees can swipe on opportunities of interest and enjoy horizontal rather than vertical career growth.  If companies don’t adopt this new progression model, they could lose some of their best talent!

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