5 Key HR Trends to Watch in 2019


5 Key HR Trends to Watch in 2019

We can all agree that the workplace is constantly changing and 2019 is set to bring even more changes. Here, we’re taking a look at five key trends that will likely create waves in the HR world.

  1. The rise of flexible working

There is an ever-growing number of employees in the workforce who want to work remotely or enjoy greater flexibility with regards to set working hours.  And this trend is only set to increase in 2019. Thanks to continual breakthroughs in the technology market, it has never been easier to enable remote working for your staff.  The cloud makes it possible for staff to access all systems and documents with ease and many organisations are now seeing the benefits of turning to hot desking. This means people are able to come into the office when they really need to and simply use any available workspace.

Brands that have adopted and embraced the demand for flexible working are set to reap the rewards, as remote working helps to improve work-life balance and lead to a happier and healthier team.  You may be surprised, but it’s also great for overall productivity levels!

  1. The gig economy is set to stay

The gig economy has been on the rise for years. If you’re still unfamiliar with this concept, it is characterised by freelance opportunities or short-term contracts.  In this economy, workers do not receive a regular wage, instead they are paid for the ‘gigs’ they complete. This economy is increasingly popular amongst employees as it offers them greater freedom and the ability to work for who they want when they want.

  1. Increasing use of AI and automation

Technologies role within the workplace will continue to grow across all business sectors in 2019 and will create a greater role for AI.  New automation opportunities will likely have a significant impact on HR departments. AI is set to herald a complete overhaul of the current recruitment process – through systems that have the ability to analyse the web and scour thousands of different candidates in a matter of seconds.

  1. Diversity in the workplace is increasing

2019 is set to be the year where workplace diversity increases This is mainly through increasing diversity in society itself. The increasing diversity is also led by new legislation initiatives.  The success of gender pay-gap disclosures is causing many to think about ethnic pay-gaps as well.

  1. Generation Z will play a bigger part in the workforce

Generation Z’s presence within the workforce will be bigger than ever in 2019, as more people born after 1996 begin their work journey.  As this generation grew up through a serious global recession, they are typically more cautious and less confident than their millennial counterparts, so they may be more risk-averse.  This could present an interesting dynamic for HR departments.

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