XBiotech Shares Higher

XBiotech (XBIT) shares were 9% higher Thursday after the company said its phase 3 study on colorectal cancer patients treated with Hutruo, or MABp1, showed improved clinical outcomes, including reduced disease progression and improved survival for those patients that achieved primary endpoint. The company said that in the study, 82% of all patients that received at least one dose of the study drug did complete the 8 week treatment regimen and, for these patients, 40% that received the antibody therapy achieved the primary endpoint, nearly double compared to placebo.

Median survival for these patients was 11.7 months versus 5.7 months for those that did not. “This analysis confirms our previous report that in an advanced cancer population, the combination of patient-reported symptoms and radiography used as the primary endpoint is a powerful measure of disease progression,” said Lucjan Wyrwicz from the Maria Sklodowska-Curie Memorial Cancer Centre. “These findings show that the use of this endpoint to measure disease modifying anti-tumor therapies is a logical surrogate to assess new anti-cancer agents in chemorefractory patients.”