Cerus Shares Gain

Cerus shares were 10% higher Wednesday after the biomedical products company said that the expected shortage of platelet additive solution from Fresenius Kabi, announced in May, could be less disruptive to the blood center production of the company’s Intercept platelets than initially anticipated.

Ceres said this follows a decision by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to review a recent submission by Fresenius Kabi as a “changes being effected in 30-days”-supplement, which allows ongoing distribution of the product during the review period. “We are cautiously optimistic that a future supply shortage for our customers has been mitigated by the FDA decision,” CEO William Greenman said. For Cerus’ customers who produce Intercept platelets on the Amicus collection platform, Fresenius Kabi platelet additive solution is a key component of the manufacturing process.